Drifting Bohol

Bohol is blessed by nature with luscious sceneries. With its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, it remains to be one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Furthermore, it is also rich in history which is depicted through old churches, ruins, and monuments. Bohol may only seem a tiny island in Visayas,…

Explore Cebu

Cebu City is located on the mid-eastern side of Cebu Island which geographically positioned in Central Visayas of the Philippine and is known to be the “second city” of the country after Manila. It is the capital city of the Cebu province and it’s highly urbanized where the political regime is independent from its province….

Camotes Islands

Camotes is a group of islands in the Camotes Sea, Philippines. The island group can be found in the east of Cebu, north of Bohol and southwest of Leyte Island. To make it easier to locate, it is in central part of Visayas. It is composed of three major islands and one minor islet with…

Boracay Vacay

Boracay is a small island in the province of Aklan and it is located off the northwest part of Panay Island. It is categorized under Region Six of the Philippines. It is a relatively small island which is around seven kilometers long and has a land area of 10.32 square kilometers in total. This island is…

Gigantes Islands – Discover Iloilo

Gigantes Islands or Islas De Gigantes is an island tied within the larger Western Visayas archipelago. It is part of the municipality of Carles, Iloilo and composed of two main islands, the Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur (North and South). If you are planning to visit these islands, you better note their mouth-watering tourist attractions….