Sohoton Hop

Sohoton Cove is one of the natural wonders that Surigao Del Norte always highlights in their lists of tourist destinations. This mysterious and amazing cove is a part of Bucas Grande – a group of islands in the municipality of Socorro, Surigao Del Norte.

Surigao city is the main point in going to Bucas Grande and you can get their by land or by air. In the city center, motorcycles and multi-cabs are available as transportation to Surigao City’s port – Pier 1. From the pier, you have to avail a boat ride to Bucas Grande or as the locals refer it as Socorro. The ride from Surigao port to Socorro will take around two hours and the earliest boat departs around 11:00 in the morning so be sure to consider the schedule.

If Siargao is your point of transfer, you can take a one-hour sea trip from the port of Dapa, Surigao Del Norte. The first trip that departs from the port is around 7:00 AM and the next trip is around 2:30 PM every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Everyone is required to have their registrations at the Sohoton Cove tourist registration center. Pay the tour fees and other environmental fees and wait for your turn to get in the small boats for your Sohoton cove experience.

Environmental Fees are 150 pesos per person for foreign tourists and 50 pesos per person for local tourists. Pump boats with two guides range from 830 to 1200 pesos per boat with maximum of 8 people. Another smaller boat with a paddler costs 100 pesos per person. Docking Fee is 100 pesos for small boats, 150 pesos for medium boats, and 200 pesos for larger boats.

You will have your very own tour guide and would probably take you to the Sohoton cove immediately. The cavern is only accessible during low tide so it is advisable to visit the place in the morning or noon. If it’s still high tide, then you have no choice but to wait for the tide to subside. You will then get the chance to cruise along the lagoon with islets on the side and amazing rock formations.

Hagukan Cave is a small cave that you need to get off the boat and swim to get inside. You will be amazed by the cave’s interior glow. It’s quiet dim inside but it has a different kind of light from the reflection of the water and the rocks.

Magkokoob Cave is probably the most exciting part of the tour because of the stalactites and rock formations. Additional to these jewels is the cliff diving where you need to enter the cave and walk-through waist-deep water. The exit is the cliff where you have to jump and plunge into the water. Don’t worry it is safe because your tour guide will be ready to pull you up after you jump, and give you your life vest.

Next stop is the jellyfish lagoon. Be ready to touch and explore the habitats of the non-stinging jellyfishes. You are free to dive in if you know how to swim and touch the jellyfish. Please note that you are not allowed to take the jellyfish out of the water for more than a minute.

Where to stay?

There are numbers of accommodations in Bucas Grande that you can avail if you decided to have an overnight stay in the islands. Club Tara is probably the most expensive accommodation that you can find here. Though it’s expensive but your stay here is very first class with the amazing ocean view, private pools and private services.

For affordable accommodations, you can consider Anthony’s Seaside Guesthouse located in Brgy. Taruc, Socorro. You can check their rates and availability by calling or texting +639474807176. You can also send an email at or or message them directly through their Facebook page.

Another budget accommodation is the HARKRISHA RESORT also located in Barangay Taruc, Socorro. Contact them to this number +639283214736 or their Facebook page.

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