Gigantes Islands – Discover Iloilo

Gigantes Islands or Islas De Gigantes is an island tied within the larger Western Visayas archipelago. It is part of the municipality of Carles, Iloilo and composed of two main islands, the Gigantes Norte and Gigantes Sur (North and South). If you are planning to visit these islands, you better note their mouth-watering tourist attractions.

First on the list is the Antonia Beach, where you can do snorkeling or just enjoy the beauty of the shore. These rock formations are very impressive and it adds to the quality of the shoreline. What we love about this beach is the white sand which compliments the whole place and gives a relaxing aura. We recommend that you visit this place during weekdays or not in peak seasons, because a crowded place can really ruin your photo.



Next stop is the Cabugao Gamay, also known as the main attraction island or the face of Gigantes Island. You will see a small rock formation at the end of the shore and the locals made it as the view deck. The viewing deck is quite steep so you need to be careful in going up the hill. This is the most photographed island and with no doubt everyone would agree to that. This island is perfect for social media photos.


img_5002After taking a lot of exciting photos in Cabugao Gamay, the Bantigue Island Sandbar is also a good spot to take amazing pictures. This sandbar is exceptional! The water is so clear and you will notice a lot of seashells and corals immediately. You will also see that the sand is not white but kinda yellowish in color however, it really adds up to the overall beauty of the sand bar.




Our last stop for this tour is the Tangke Salt Water Lagoon. It is called “tangke” because when you get inside the island, the water inside looks like a water tank. It is surrounded by cliffs and the locals claimed that the water inside would magically rise every year during the feast of Saint John the Baptist (June 24). The lagoon is majestic and it is very relaxing when the water and sands hit your feet.

It’s like we were time traveled when we got inside the lagoon. As we enjoyed the view, it is like we have our very own swimming pool only this time it’s just knee-deep. The green touch of the water and the amazing rock formation covers the whole package.

Other must-see places.

This is the Spanish-era lighthouse ruins located at the northern part of the Gigantes Norte (Northern Gigantes). You can ask your tour guide or the locals on how to get here. You might need to avail motor hires for this because it’s quite far from the main road. It is best to visit the place before sunrise or sunset.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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