Explore Cebu

Cebu City is located on the mid-eastern side of Cebu Island which geographically positioned in Central Visayas of the Philippine and is known to be the “second city” of the country after Manila. It is the capital city of the Cebu province and it’s highly urbanized where the political regime is independent from its province.  This city has a total land area of 315 square kilometers.

Cebu is a significant cultural center in the country. The Magellan’s Cross is the city’s most popular landmark and it is now housed in a chapel and a few steps away from the Basilica Minore de Santo Niño. Sinulog is one of the country’s famous festivals, this cultural and religious event is held every third Sunday of January. It is celebrated for Cebu’s patron saint, the Santo Niño. This festival became one of the highlights in their tourism.

Speaking of tourism, it is a thriving industry in Cebu. There are many Filipino-Spanish heritage buildings in the city which includes the Casa Gordo Museum, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore de Santo Niño, etc.

Drifting through the city’s most visited tourist spots, there is a long list that people can easily visit. Sirao Garden is one of the newest spots that you can check. It is located in Barangay Sirao, Cebu City which is approximately 17 kilometers away from JY Square in Lahug. To get to Sirao Garden, you can ride motor-hires from JY square. The garden is a field of colorful Celosia (also known as Cock’s comb), it is a small genus of edible and ornamental plants; which is part of the amaranth family.

After taking photos and enjoying the gifts of our mother nature, it’s now time to eat! Lantaw Native Restaurant is one of the best dining spots in Cebu City. It is just a few minutes away from Sirao Garden and a walking distance from Temple of Leah. Lantaw Native Restaurant is erected at the top of Busay Hills. It offers amazing and spectacular panoramic views where you can see the three cities of Cebu – Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu City and Mandaue City. It is a good stop to relax and eat delicious meals at very reasonable price. They offer different kinds of dishes like veggies, sea foods, appetizers and other Filipino foods.

Next stop after eating your sumptuous meals is the Temple of Leah. This temple was made by Teodorico Adarna (he is the father of pinay actress Ellen Adarna) and the owner of Queensland motels. They were inspired to construct the temple in remembrance of Teodorico’s great love to his wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

The Temple of Leah features Roman architecture which is pretty awesome and unique. It gives the whole place a Roman aura and the statues are impressive. Upon entering the temple, you will immediately notice the gigantic gold lion statues in each side of the stairs. Inside the temple is a very huge golden statue of Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.


If you want to escape the city and feel the cool breeze of the mountain air, then you can try visiting and climbing the Osmeña Peak. The Osmeña Peak is the highest point in Cebu and located in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. It would be around 1-2 hours of trekking but everything is worthy, especially when you reach the peak and feel the cool wind blowing. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy and rainy day when we hiked the Osmeña trail but it’s really fine because we still got the chance to experience the peak.

After the hike, you can then experience Kawasan Falls. The falls is just one and half hour away from Osmeña Peak if you take habal-habal or six hours away if you want to take it by foot. Kawasan falls is located at Matutina, Badian and it is a three-layered waterfall system. The exciting landscape of Kawasan falls is very attractive and refreshing. It is best time to visit the place during weekdays because it’s most likely to be crowded during the weekends. Here, you can do Canyoneering adventure or just enjoy swimming in the majestic falls. For more Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure information, click here.

There are a lot of exciting places and fun activities in Cebu that you can try. Here is our other list and we will be happy to provide more information. Feel free to drop us a message.

  • Fort San Pedro
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Oslob Whale Watching
  • Larsian BBQ station
  • Moalboal and Badian Beaches
  • Tumalog Falls
  • Taoist Temple
  • Simala Shrine
  • SM Seaside Cebu

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