Getting Around Davao City

Davao City is located in the southern part of Mindanao Island in the Philippines. It is basically one of the most popular cities of the country and one of the biggest cities in the world. Mount Apo – The highest peak of the country is also found here. Davao city is very unique with a lot of tourist spots and diverse communities. Also, it is the home town of the Philippine’s 16th president, Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte.

In the middle of the city, the most visited place is the People’s Park. It is known for its colorful indigenous sculptures; A good place to take pictures, and bond with your friends and families. It was opened for the public on December 15,2007 and it is said to cost 72 million pesos. Well, you can really see that it’s worth it.

Next park that you might want to visit is the Eden Nature Park and Resort. This calm and quiet place is located in Davao City’s Toril District and right at the foot of Mount Talomo. The easiest way to get to the park is to have their shuttle service  from Matina Town Square and just pay around 200 pesos per head.

Let’s experience the Eden’s skycycle, skyrider and the breathtaking Skyswing which you will be taken 70-90 feet above the ground, stay at the top for a minute or two and then you will be released swinging fast enough for people to shout, cry and even pass-out. These extreme activities are maintained and monitored by experts, so it is guaranteed to be safe. Just be sure that you don’t have any heart problems or a high blood pressure. Otherwise, you can just sit, relax and eat in their restaurant beside the adventure field.

If you want to spend a fun but a relaxing night, eat delicious and mouth-watering foods, then you have to visit Jack’s Ridge Resort & Restaurant. The foods are really delicious and you might find it too expensive but it’s really worthy. This overlooking restaurant is located in Matina, specifically at the mountain slope of Shrine Hills. To get there, you can take a cab or ride a jeepney that routes in Bangkal/Matina/Ulas and then take a tricycle to get you to Jack’s Ridge. Don’t worry, it is too easy to locate the place and the locals are so polite and accommodating.

These are just few of the many exciting sites in Davao city. Keep yourself updated to this post because we will be adding more and more as we explore the city.

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