Dapitan City Tour

Would you like to travel? Would you like to loosen up and discover quietness and culture? Do you want to experience how it feels like in the seventeenth century? Then, it’s the perfect open door for you to discover Mindanao and its welcoming tourism. I’d give you a creative and visual drift to the City of Shrine, Dapitan City. What could Dapitan give you? It’s not just fun, delight, esteemed recollections, quietness, but rather likewise chronicled learning, unquestionably.

Dapitan City is a third class town and a part of the province of Zamboanga del Norte. It was noted in the 2015 census that this city has a population of 82,418 people. This city has a lot to offer in its tourism, few of this is the Rizal Shrine, Dakak Park Beach Resort, and Gloria’s Fantasy Land.

Encounter the legacy and commitments of Dr. Jose P Rizal (He is the national hero of the Philppines). Your visit to Dapitan City wouldn’t be completed on the off chance that you will miss Rizal Shrine. The Shrine makes us think back of Rizal’s persistent way of life. It is viewed as a noteworthy verifiable point of interest in the Philippines. The Rizal Shrine is around 16 hectare land obtained by Dr. J. Rizal amid his exile in Dapitan, you will find here the replica of his nipa hut, healing center, residence and dam.

After the Rizal Shrine tour, Gloria’s Fantasyland is also a good spot to enjoy and have fun. To get to the theme park, ride a tricycle from the town center to the Sunset Boulevard and you can instruct the driver to drop you off at the Gloria de Dapitan.

This theme park would convey you to the universe of fables and brings back the child in you. As you venture inside, you would be invited to the world of imagination by the excellent pixie ruler and the engaging mascots.

Along with the amazing and exciting rides is the horror house or what they called the Horror Walk. It is a house of suspense and thrill. The haunted house is very scary with all the figures and background sounds. It would absolutely make you sweat, shout and even cry caused by the suspense and deep freeze inside the house.

A list of exciting rides and attractions, tremendous stimulation and quality items awaits you. The Joie De Vivre (Joy of Life) starts at 9:30 PM, it caters fire show, parade of colors and cultures; and the most exciting part of the night, the fireworks display. For rates and schedules, click here.

After all the fun and excitement of the tour and rides, it is now time for you to relax and enjoy the sea breeze in Dakak Beach Resort. It is most known for its striking molded narrows, fine white sand and as a diving capital in Mindanao. To get to Dakak Beach Resort, you can ride a motorcycle from Dapitan. The driver will charge you around 300-400 pesos roundtrip. Avail the resort’s day tour for only 500 pesos this does not include foods and drinks. The foods in their restaurant are quite expensive; just prepare at least 250 pesos per meal.

The resort is encompassed by green mountains on its east side. Dakak Beach Resort has a ton of pleasantries to offer, such as restaurant on the shoreline, swimming pools, and play area, sanctuary on top on the mountain, sauna, Jacuzzi, and exciting disco bar. For room rates and reservations, click here.

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